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Sunday, January 19th, 2020 2:00 AM

Basement protection

Bought ourselves the SimpliSafe system and lots of sensors and installed it over the holidays. My question is the basement.

We have a 600 sq. foot basement divided into two small rooms and one large. All the 'typical' basement windows have glass block. One, at the end of the large room has an egress wiindow down in a window well. You would have to be in serious danger and fairly fit to use it  At the other end of that long room is the stair going up into the house.

The only sensor we have down there is a glass break near the stair pointing into the large, long room, 30 feet from the window with the egress insert.
The other windows are in the other rooms. The doors will never be closed when we're not in the basement. I close one to keep my dust in my shop when I'm butchering wood, etc.

Will that sensor work that far from the windows?

We do not have an entry sensor on the basement door. I have a physical latch 2/3rds of the way up. It would be very hard standing on the stair to kick in the door and very noisy. (If we're home, it should give us time to call 911, dress and load.) We'd like to be able to have the alarm on when we're in the basement. But, we often go up and down the stair.

What may we do to better secure the basement?




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5 years ago

@IndyDMan a glass break at 30 feet is pretty iffy, in my opinion. Have you tested it?

In my basement I have a emergency exit window, 2 smaller windows and a stairwell.  One motion sensor is set to "secret alert" only as the furnace with the drafts it creates cause false alarms.  One glass break at about 12 feet on the emergency window with an entry sensor on it. Also entry sensors on the other two small windows.  There is a door (hollow) that someone must open to get into  the finished portion of the basement where the stairs are, and that door has another entry sensor.  Ditto for the kitchen door on top of the stairs.

If this doesn't help suggest you call SS for other suggestions Better, email a scanned layout of your basement to SS and ask for suggestions..
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