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Sunday, January 19th, 2020 1:57 AM

Basement protection



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3 years ago

I'm not sure the one glass break sensor will protect from 30 feet away, may want to test it a few times (and you can set the sensitivity switch, inside the sensor, to high/med/low - my guess is you'd want to set it to high at that distance - and if it doesn't work well in test mode OR live mode, move it closer to the window).  You could also consider "layered protection", and include either a sensor on the window or motion sensor in the room.

For the other two rooms, you could consider a motion sensor nearest their entries, or, put a motion sensor at a point leading up the stairs (at a point before the door could be opened).  Keep in mind, motion sensors, by default, are set to OFF in HOME mode, but you can set them to anything you want according to your circumstance (i.e., ON in AWAY mode or at night when you're home sleeping, or, if you have the interactive monitoring plan, you can set them to "secret alert", which sends you an SMS text message, or if you have the phone app, a push notification).  Secret alert does NOT sound the alarm, does NOT notify monitoring, and NO dispatch will be sent.
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