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Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020 3:47 AM

Alarm system is not working...



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3 years ago

#1 when you arm it, give a few minutes to fully arm and let all sensors and motion sensors warm up and set then try it, you can also change the settings on the motion sensor on the back and it also depends on how high you have it on the wall. #2 if im correct if you disarm it within 30 seconds then they assume it was a false alarm and will not call. If you want to you can set it off and have your keyfob ready or be by the keypad and soon as you get the call turn it off. I personally would not do that just because you will be taken away an agent that coukd be helping another customer who really needs it but it wont hurt to try it once.

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3 years ago

Plus there normally is a 72 hour setup period, before your system goes live.  Did you get an email to tell you that your Simplisafe was being monitored after the 72 hour period?
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