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Friday, May 10th, 2024 5:37 PM

add a motion sensor to home setting

I have a motion sensor in my garage. I can i add that to the home setting so that at night the garage is covered along with the door sensors?

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1 month ago

Hi @Glen_Bickles ,

Yes, for all of the Intruder Sensors (Entry, Motion, and Glassbreak), you can decide the behavior in Home and Away modes, on a per-sensor basis. Here's how you do it in the SimpliSafe app:

  1. Tap the My System tab on the bottom
  2. Select Device Settings
  3. Look for the sensor you want to modify (e.g. your garage Motion Sensor)
  4. Under Alarm Mode, select the mode you want to set the behavior for (.e.g. Home Mode)
  5. Select whether you want the sensor to trigger an Alarm, set off a Secret Alert, or stay Disabled
  6. Don't forget to tap send to base to save your changes!

I think what @captain11 is alluding to, however, is that the Motion Sensor is the infrared type. That means it's looking out for sources of heat moving around in the environment. So when it's super cold in the garage, it might be more likely to trigger - potentially causing false alarms. If your garage is heated the same as the rest of you home, you should have no trouble. But if not, it's just something to keep in mind!



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1 month ago

@Glen_Bickles Yes, you can.  I placed a motion sensor in my garage years ago and does quite nicely even in our Chicagoland winters and hot summers....but it is only set to secret alert. Don't know about your garage doors, but mine have a lot of gaps and can move in a strong wind.  Also I should note this is clearly outside the "indoor use" and temp range recommeded by SS but again, it has worked fine. I also have an entry sensor on each garage door that in home mode are set to trigger an alarm if the doors are opened.


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Great stuff thank you so much for the response. Really appreciated.

I was referring to the normal exterior home sensors like the front and back doors, so temperature shouldn’t be an issue. Means when we are asleep I can have the house exterior alarmed along with the garage on a motion sensor. Then when set to away everything can be armed. Many thanks again 

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