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What's the difference between Test Mode and Practice Mode?


Yes, Practice Mode and Test Mode are different!

Practice Mode

Practice Mode begins as soon as activation is complete and ends automatically after 72 hours. Any alarm triggered during this 72 hour period will not result in a request for dispatch of emergency services or a call from the Monitoring Center. You will receive an automated call from us saying that you are in Practice Mode that provides you with important information so you will be prepared during an actual alarm event. This is intended to give you time to get to know your system and how it works, without risking false alarms. See our What is Practice Mode article to learn more about Practice Mode.

Test Mode

Test Mode is a system state you can manually enter through the Menu on your Keypad. It allows you to check the connection between the Base Station and our monitoring center, as well as the Base Station and its sensors. For more information about Test Mode, visit our How to Test Your System article.

If you have any concerns about sensors communicating with the Base Station, or the Base Station communicating with our monitoring center, please contact our Support team for further assistance.