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Error 142: Unable to Set Up a Smart Lock


As an added layer of security, each Smart Lock can be paired to only one Base Station at a time. If you attempt to pair a Smart Lock to a system while it is already paired to another system, you may get Error 142. 

If you have access to the previous Base Station the Smart Lock was paired to, you should unpair it through the Keypad. To do this:

  1. Press Menu on the Keypad

  2. Enter your Master PIN

  3. Select “Devices” and navigate to the Smart Lock you’d like to remove and select it with the right rocker

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Smart Lock’s listed settings and select “Remove.” Confirm the removal with the right rocker

  5. Press “Off” to exit the menu

Once your Smart Lock has successfully unpaired, you can install it to the Base Station of your choice

If the previous Base Station is no longer available, you should reset the Smart Lock

If you still see Error 142, we recommend contacting our Support team for additional help.