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SimpliCam Wired Indoor Camera Features



Watchful when you need it, privacy when you don't

Your SimpliCam Wired Indoor Camera comes equipped with a built-in privacy shutter to give you absolute control over your camera—and your privacy. Whenever the privacy shutter is open, the camera’s motion sensor will send notifications to your phone if it detects motion.

To learn more about changing when your camera’s privacy shutter is open, please see this page.

Live Video to keep tabs on your home

You can view live video at any time, including during alarms. While viewing the live feed, you can use your SimpliCam Wired Indoor Camera's 2-way audio feature to both speak through the camera and listen to sound transmitted through it.

SimpliCam Wired Indoor Camera also supports video verification. This optional setting enables our monitoring center to view your cameras during an alarm, helping them ensure your safety and request dispatch from authorities quickly if necessary. 

Record and Save video for peace of mind

With a Fast Protect™ Monitoring subscription (formerly Interactive Monitoring), the camera will automatically record during a number of events, ensuring you know what caused them. When triggered by an alarm, the camera will record video for three minutes—longer if motion is detected during the alarm. These recordings can be stored for up to 30 days and can be downloaded from your mobile app or our web app.

Though you may choose to receive a notification, if your camera detects motion it will not set off an alarm. So there's no need to worry about pets triggering the camera's motion sensor and setting off an alarm when you're not home!

You can change your camera’s notification settings, turn off the status light, and configure other settings through the mobile app’s settings page. 

Interested in purchasing another SimpliCam Wired Indoor Camera? You can buy it here.

For installation help, please visit this page.