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Original SimpliSafe® Motion Sensor Installation Guide


Does your Keypad look like the one pictured to the left? Then you're in the right place! You've got the Original SimpliSafe system. If you purchased a new system in 2018 or later, you likely have the Gen 3 SimpliSafe. Click here to view the article for the Gen 3 SimpliSafe. If you're not certain which system you have, you can tell the difference here.

Your Motion Sensors use infrared (heat) sensing technology to detect when someone has entered the room. They can detect motion within 30 feet, and have a 90-degree field of view. The best place for a Motion Sensor is in a central room, or hallway in your home. The ideal location for a Motion Sensor is in the corner of a room, and 4-5 feet off of the ground for maximum coverage. Motion Sensors are designed to be placed on the edge of a flat surface as well if a corner or wall are not available. 

Try to avoid installing Motion Sensors next to or facing a heater, air conditioner, lamp, or electronics. You may endure a false alarm if you install a Motion Sensor next to, or facing these objects. If you have a pet under 30 pounds they should not be able to trip a Motion Sensor, unless it can get within 5 feet of the sensor. If your pet is more than 30 pounds or is tripping the alarm, you can install the Motion Sensor upside down (test button facing the ceiling). 

NOTE: You can turn down the sensitivity of the Motion Sensor via the switch on the back of the sensor. Simply slide the Motion Sensor off its bracket, and you will expose a small black switch. Slide it towards the "L" to lower the sensitivity.

To install your Motion Sensor you will need to remove the white battery activation tab from the back of the Motion Sensor. Next, remove the adhesive strip attached to the Motion Sensor’s bracket, and adhere the Motion Sensor to the surface in the location you want it to be installed. Press and hold the Motion Sensor for 30 seconds to ensure it is firmly attached to the wall. If you would prefer the Motion Sensor to be permanently attached to the wall, slide the Motion Sensor up off of its bracket, and you can use the included screws to attach the bracket to the surface. After, slide the Motion Sensor back onto the bracket, and it is installed.