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I'm moving and only taking PART of my system with me


At SimpliSafe, we know how important keeping your home and belongings safe is during the stressful and exciting time of moving. That’s why we aim to make our systems the easiest part of your move—whether you’re bringing your system with you, leaving it behind for the next resident, or a little bit of both! 

You can bring: 

  • Base Station and some sensors

  • Only your Base Station while leaving sensors behind 

  • Leave your Base Station behind and only take your sensors if you plan to get a new Base Station for your new home

Whichever you choose, keep in mind that your Keypad and Base Station know each other, so keeping them together will keep your system working best and allow new residents to set up their system more easily with a Base Station and Keypad pair.

Want to know what to do with your SimpliSafe system when you move? Use our guided flow below for an interactive, step-by-step experience for your next move.