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How do I Check the Battery Life of my Camera?


The Wireless Outdoor Security Camera and Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera are battery-powered cameras that can help you monitor your home, even when you’re away. Keeping the batteries charged ensures that your cameras will keep a watchful eye inside, and outside of your home.

Checking the Battery Status on the Mobile App:

  1. Open the SimpliSafe® Mobile App on your phone or tablet

  2. Select Cameras from the bottom navigation bar

  3. Choose the gear icon for Camera Settings in the upper right corner of the app

  4. The battery indicator will be displayed to the right of each camera

    1. For iOS users, tap into the camera you wish to see the battery percentage for

      1. Once on your specific camera’s settings page, you’ll see the exact percentage that your battery is charged.

    2. Android users will not be able to see a percentage in the mobile app, however, you can log in to the Web App with the steps below to see the exact percentage

Checking the Battery Status on the Web App:

  1. Log in to the Web App

  2. Choose Devices from the left-hand navigation menu

  3. Under Cameras you’ll be able to see your available Cameras and the percentage that the battery is at

If you are using a solar panel with your Outdoor Camera, the battery will show a charging symbol when it is actively charging. Optimize and maximize the battery life of your Outdoor Camera with the help of this article.

If you are using a power adapter to leave the Smart Alarm Indoor Camera plugged into an outlet, you will always see a charging symbol on the battery indicator. Get the most out of your Smart Alarm Indoor Camera’s battery life with our optimization guide.