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Error: Unfinished Setup for Cameras


Unfinished Setup: You're just one step away from live streaming error message in app.

This error can occur within the SimpliSafe® Mobile App when the camera has been partially removed from the Base Station but failed to fully remove itself from the mobile app.

As a first step, we recommend tapping on Finish Setup and see if it allows that camera to connect. If that step fails, the best path forward would be to remove the camera from your system using the Keypad.

Using the Keypad

  1. Press the Menu button on your Keypad

  2. Enter your Primary PIN

  3. Scroll to devices and press Open on the right

  4. Scroll down and locate the camera in question

  5. Select your camera by pressing the arrow to the right

  6. Choose Remove by pressing the arrow to the right to delete this camera from your system

Once the camera has been removed from the Keypad, you’ll need to refresh the SimpliSafe® Mobile App. To do this, open the mobile app on your phone or tablet and pull down from the top of the Camera’s tab to refresh the information presented. You can also force close the app on your phone or tablet, and relaunch it to refresh the app.