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Biometric Authentication for SimpliSafe Accounts


When logging into the SimpliSafe mobile app, you may be prompted to set up Biometric Authentication. In order to be eligible for this feature you will need to have an iOS device that supports Face ID or Touch ID, or an Android device that supports Face Unlock or Fingerprint.

Once Biometric Authentication is configured, you’ll only need to enter your email address and use Biometric Authentication to log in on this device. For other devices or when using the Web App, you will still need to enter your password and may be prompted for 2FA or MFA authentication.

You can manage Biometric Authentication at any time on the SimpliSafe App.

  1. Select the three-bar menu from the top left corner of the app

  2. Choose Manage Account

  3. Next, choose Multi-factor Authentication

  4. Then, you will be brought to the screen to manage your Multi-Factor Authentication log-in options - including Biometric Authentication.