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How to Cancel an Alarm Event That's Already in Progress


Contact our monitoring center 24/7 at 1 (855) 693-4911

If an Entry-, Motion-, or Glassbreak-triggered alarm is disarmed within 30–60 seconds of the initial alarm signal, our monitoring service will consider this a false alarm. That means you will not receive a phone call and police will not be sent.

After 30–60 seconds, our Monitoring Center will contact you using the numbers you provided when the service was activated. Please remember, you will need to provide the Monitoring Agent with your Safeword in order to cancel the request for dispatch.

You can also contact our monitoring center 24/7 at 1 (855) 693-4911. They can contact emergency services if you missed their call and provide information on recent alarms. If police response has already been requested, your local police department will make the decision of whether to continue to the property.

Our monitoring center cannot offer technical support. If you are having issues with your system, please contact our customer support team.

There are a few options available to ensure you never miss a notification or phone call from our monitoring center in the event of an alarm: Critical Alerts, allowing calls from our monitoring center’s phone number when your phone’s Do Not Disturb mode, and enabling Alarm Texts.