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How To Update Your Monitoring Address


You can easily update your address for Professional Monitoring at any time using the SimpliSafe® Mobile or Web App. 

Mobile App Instructions:

  1. Open the SimpliSafe® Mobile App.

  2. Choose My System from the bottom navigation bar

  3. Next, select Location Settings from the menu

  4. Tap the address field to be brought to the Edit Address screen.

  5. Enter your new address, or choose a saved address from the dropdown menu.

  6. Select Done from the upper right corner when finished to save your selection.

Web App Instructions:

  1. Head over to webapp.simplisafe.com using the web browser of your choice

  2. Click on Monitoring from the left-hand navigation menu

  3. Under Monitored Address input your new address into the fields, or select an address from the Saved Address dropdown menu

    1. You’ll have the option to include additional information about your address, such as how many adults or children reside at the property, as well as include notes regarding vital property information (pets, firearms, directions, etc.)

  4. Once you have filled out this information, scroll down and select the Save button at the bottom of the right-hand corner