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Friday, December 23rd, 2022 10:25 PM


HomeKit Support

Hello all! I am aware that Simplisafe does not currently support HomeKit, and it has been mentioned on these forums that the feature was is longer in development after originally being on the roadmap. I just want to voice my strong support for continuing to develop this feature, and give other community members a chance to do so if they feel the same.

I am an avid smart home geek and Simplisafe fan, but Simplisafe doesn't currently have the best integration with other services (or at least it lacks support for HomeKit). It would be wonderful to use my existing Simplisafe sensors and cameras within the Apple Home app to create automations or use voice commands to control Simplisafe. It is also nice to manage everything home related within one app, instead of having to switch back and forth to see all sensor/camera information.

While there are a number of ways to integrate Simplisafe unofficially (Home Assistant, Homebridge), none of these options are stable or ideal for most users.

I believe that especially right now, many Apple users are looking for something to replace Eufy cameras. Simplicams are a great option for privacy with their visible shutter!

Are there any plans to bring official HomeKit support to users?

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