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Wednesday, August 11th, 2021 3:23 PM

Suggestion - Please upgrade the forum software!

Are there any plans to upgrade the forum software to something more modern? There is really basic functionality missing from these forums that people expected 10+ years ago, much less in 2021. That functionality includes but is not limited to:

Search - There is literally no search available for people to find posts. Yes, I know you can use Google and specify the site but that's not at all user friendly for most people.
Proper WYSIWYG editor - I cannot think of a single site or forum I use that still requires HTML tags for formatting text. (Or that has done so in the last 10 years, honestly.)
Email Notifications -  There's no way for me to know anyone replied to my posts without me logging in and checking manually.
Tagging Users - It would be fantastic if we could @ and it notified the user they were tagged in a post or replied to. Right now they only know if they're being addressed if the happen to find a message with their name in it.
Attachments - A way to upload photos (versus uploading elsewhere and linking to them) that can be viewed inline in posts would be amazing for troubleshooting.

Adding the functionality above could really make these forums easier to use and help drive engagement with your customers. Right now the lack of even basic functionality is almost certainly driving people away entirely or limiting their participation because it requires so much manual effort to participate regularly.

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2 years ago

@Worthing you are spot on with everything in your post and, yes, SS is working on a Customer Resource Center and, as part of it, a new forum area.  The real question, of course, is when and based on historical experience, SS isn't about to give us an eta.

As far as the search point, a Google site search works very well with the current forum.

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2 years ago

Couldn't agree more!

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2 years ago

OMG!  RIGHT!?  It's not that hard!  Other forums upgrade their forums all the time!  I've been on some that have upgraded multiple times over the years!  Wake up, Simplisafe!?

2 years ago

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