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Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 3:45 PM

Phone App Biometric Setup Change Request

My friend and former coworker Bill, is my 33rd system placement.  He installed his SS3 system about 3 weeks ago but had some issues with his doorbell pro.  Thanks to SS Support that has been sorted out but he called me last night and asked with his iOS version why there wasn't any kind of biometric signon.  Of course, I told him there was, and how to do it.

Now the interesting part: What does Bill do for a living? Formerly at our old company, and now at a nationally known IT service company, a Sr Engineer for Systems Security. I won't bore you with his credentials and additional experience, but here we have an IT professional that had the same issue I first ran into:  how do you enable biometric security in the app (Android or iOS).

We both agreed the current design is, in a word, terrible.  Who would think Face ID or Fingerprint would be accessed through the AppLock configuration? Simplisafe Support had to tell me.

A suggested modification to avoid major redesign/coding: change menu item from "Applock' to "Applock/Biometric'

It may save new customers from frustration and the support agents some calls.  What do other customers think?

Thank you!

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2 years ago

Frustration...is requiring customers to have the "Interactive" subscription plan...JUST...to interface to Amazon

Could you imagine if Philips required a subscription for each HUE bulb you purchase from them 

Philips is decent enough to say you have paid enough just by purchasing our device...we won't suck you dry after the fact 



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We get it. You're upset about this. I 100% agree with you that it's dumb but you don't need to keep posting this in every single thread there is that has nothing to do with your topic. It might make you feel better to rant in every thread but I promise you it's not helping your cause.

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