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Tuesday, July 19th, 2022 5:54 PM

Outdoor Camera Permanent Mount locking nut is junk

I purchased 2 of these to mount for my outdoor cameras in maybe away that would make the cameras less easy to steal. But the locking nut is all plastic and strips out with very minimal finger tight pressure. You basically can't hand tighten the camera on the mount which makes it useless. Any other camera accessory mount you can buy comes with a metal nut in the plastic. Anyway your mount is junk. Please come up with a better outdoor mount. Or at least include good locking nuts instead of the junk you have now. I purchased 2 of these and I feel like I flushed $20 down the toilet.

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1 year ago

Totally agree.  The mounting mechanism is just a 1/8 turn with no locking "click" when tight.  As a result, my outdoor camera dropped twice from the second floor mount onto gravel.  The camera sustained some marks but (luckily) no damage.  However, one shouldn't need to depend upon luck.  I did use some plumbing teflon tape to tighten the seal somewhat but one shouldn't need to be MacGyver with a new product because of a design flaw.  To reduce the chance of the camera falling, it is situated at a bias so that the camera weight turns the mounting magnet in the clockwise position so it won't loosen.

A problem that is easy to fix, if anyone on the design team is listening.



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10 months ago

I went to best buy and got the arlo permanent mounts and they are all metal and have been working great even during a hurricane 

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