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Monday, May 30th, 2022 4:02 PM

Ms. Cynthia

New system (5 yrs old but still in pkg)

Simplsafe kindly replaced my basic system after I lost my home in a fire.  Here it is 5 years later.  Not sure if this system will be applicable to todays technology you have.



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2 years ago

@cklaudt2004 SS is still supporting SS2 and many, many customers are still using it today, including my two brother-in-laws.  There are advantages with SS3 and SS will work with you to upgrade it. I suggest you call support and discuss options with them, and, more importantly, make sure your SS2 base at least has the new 4G comm board that replaced the old one.  That is essential as without it your base will not communicate with the monitoring company.


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