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Sunday, August 27th, 2023 4:03 PM

Doorbell Camera Audio Works Great

I just wanted to relay a story that happened to me this week.  We were having some problems with our air conditioning unit and scheduled the technician to come to our house in the afternoon.  Unfortunately, the person scheduling the appointment did not tell the technician when we would be home and they arrived early.  Thankfully, when they rang the doorbell, I was able to tell the technician that I was only 20 minutes away and they were able to wait. 

Had it not been for Simplisafe's ability to speak through the doorbell, we would have been without air conditioning for a couple weeks and the temperatures have been over 100 degrees this week.

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10 months ago

Hi @mdolfan ,

That's really great to hear. Hope you and household are staying cool!

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