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Tuesday, December 15th, 2020 9:01 PM


Very disappointed so far. And I'm very capable of installing myself. I had original simple safe system 8 yrs back. No issues

Bought their new system. NOT HAPPY.  
Within 1 1/2 weeks one sensor stopped working. Ok. They sent out new sensor within 2 days. WOW, new sensor arrives, and it's for older system. I call, explain and first they tell me their own system down, and I'll have to call back later. WTF. OK. CALLED back and now they will send out USPS, not fedX. Why? No answer. This wasn't my fault

Ok. I know I have 60 day test trial, but I'm pretty sure if this is how they are treating a customer that just bought a brand new system, I'll look elsewhere for a whole house system. There are lot of DYI systems on market. I got this cause my original experience with SimpliSafe was good. But as they have grown, I can see they are not same company I use to love

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3 years ago

Hi stan_12,

You're completely right. While mistakes do happen, it's our responsibility to do our best to make it right when we mess up. In your situation, since you already had to wait to get the first replacement for the faulty sensor, you shouldn't have to wait even longer for the next replacement. I've upgraded the shipping method on the replacement order so that you can receive the sensor and get your system fully up and running as soon as possible.

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