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Monday, July 19th, 2021 10:55 PM

Customer Support is Terrible. LONG call wait times.

I had a base station issue where my signal kept on cutting in and out, and also a camera that could never connect to my wi-fi.

I got a replacement base station and a rep was supposed to help me install it, but he never called me back despite agreeing to. Then when I called in, I got another rep who could not troubleshoot it and then cut my call (accidentally or not) but never called me back. I called on the weekend trying to reach someone but gave up after waiting on hold for 30 mins. Today, Monday, I called at 5pm CST and so far have been waiting for 45 mins. No idea how long I will be on hold for.

This is outrageous. It feels like a total hoax. If I can't call in and get support, how can I be sure that when there IS an emergency, someone will have my back? Makes zero sense.

I am STILL WAITING to get technical help, and have also sent an email.

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2 years ago

Hi raemondo,

Sorry about the phone tag. I do see on your account that you were able to speak with someone yesterday, finally. Was the agent able to help?

Both of your issues seem to be with connecting SimpliSafe components with WiFi. So we'd want to troubleshoot for both potential interference, as well as any technical hurdles like your router's firewall and security settings, etc.

We can at least help with installing that new Base Station replacement. You'll just want to head over to the SimpliSafe app (or your account online), and select Activate New Service > Transfer Service from the menu. After you go through those instructions, that's it. The new Base Station should already have all the sensors and settings info transferred from your account.
Don't forget to update the firmware on your Base Station as well! The last one included some fixes to WiFi stability, which might help.

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security
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