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Saturday, May 16th, 2020 7:38 PM

Customer Service! Or wait, there isn't any...

I set my nighttime alarm last night, and this morning, I saw that one of my doors was ajar.  I called customer service three times regarding the problem.  The first time, I had an immediate disconnect.  The second time, the agent hung up on me immediately when I questioned why my alarm didn't notify me of this anomaly.  The older system I have at another house would alert me to a door not firmly closed.  The final time I called, an agent worked with me for a few minutes, and told me that I needed to check the batteries in the door sensors.  I was having trouble removing the battery plate, and told her that it wouldn't come off w/o pulling the sensor off the door.  When I asked how I was supposed to remove the plate, I got a another hang up!
This is some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced.  I will seriously consider going to another product line, such as Ring.

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3 years ago

Apparently, they are still having problems with their phones, it's been an issue for months.

To get a sensor off it's backplate, hold the front of the sensor with thumb and finger and slide it up, it slides out of it's bracket.  Do the opposite for re-attaching it (start at top, slide sensor down onto bracket).  Once you get it off, you'll see some 'tabs' on the sides, and yes, they can be tricky when attaching to the backplate, so try to keep them flush and gently slide them back on.
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