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Thursday, March 25th, 2021 4:34 PM

CO Detector Dead, Lousy Customer Support

My Carbon Monoxide detector is apparently dead.  I have gotten trouble messages and not communicating messages.  I called customer service and was told that it needed to be replaced, but that there are none in stock, no estimate on when they would be in stock and that I would have to call back when they were in stock to request one.

When I asked if they couldn't just put me on back order and send me one when they are in stock, I was told that they were not in stock.

I asked again if they could put me on a list to let me know when they are in stock and I was told that they are not in stock.

I pointed out that she was not answering the question that I was asking.  I rephrased and asked her to confirm that Simplisafe couldn't keep track of who needed one, and that I was supposed to keep calling back every week to see if they were in stock, yet.  She said that once a week was probably too often, but she didn't know when they would be in stock.

Problem 1: Simplisafe can't support the product they sold.  I am guessing its a pandemic related supply issue, but that's just my guess.  Hopefully I won't be using my gas heater much any more this season.

Problem 2: Simplisafe apparently can't track the issue and place a back-order.  


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2 years ago

@billwatt60 your post was definitely interesting. Troublesome to say the least at the same time.  Projecting sales demand is mostly a science and an art at the same time. Working for a medical device company for many years, I personally and professionally understand the challenges in projecting an accurate and timely sales demand.  This is where I and Simplisafe part ways: not being able to track defective units or have the ability to place a customer's unit on backorder is inexcusable, if I understand your post correctly and how SS responded.

Team S., this is a thread that is important, in my opinion, and deserves a clear, concise response.  Product mangers get a pass on underestimating demand but not on policy or system shortcomings on customers placing orders.

Admittedly my own company did not do this and, as SS. If you can't fulfil demand for a product's existing orders, you should not be actively advertising  to  promote it to encourage demand until you reasonably know when you can.

One last thing: we cannot be too harsh to judge the front line support reps. They operate with the hand senior management deals them. Senior SS mgt, this one is all yours. Address it, please.

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2 years ago

Hi @billwatt60,

Your experience is certainly one that we should have been able to avoid, and for that, we apologize. The representative that you spoke with was correct that our Carbon Monoxide Detectors are currently on back-order (due to unexpectedly high demand) which is why we do not currently have them listed on our shop page. That being said we do have enough of a supply to satisfy warranty replacement orders and as such the representative you spoke with should have been able to place the replacement order for you. We have placed the replacement order for you and you should receive a confirmation email with the tracking number when it ships out from our warehouse. If you have any trouble once you get your replacement Carbon Monoxide Detector, please let us know.

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@Team S. Simply bravo, well done!
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