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Sunday, April 12th, 2020 1:27 PM

Home base alerts after smoke detector alarm

The last 2 times the smoke detector has alarmed, the home base will alarm again every 6 hours.  The SD does not siren again, only ther base station.  The panel says the SD alarmed 6 hours ago.  I entered the pin to turn off the base the first and second time.  I removed the device from the system and added it again but it alerted a third time.  I do not have the monitoring service.   Why does it do this?  How do I clear the alarm completely from ther base?

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4 years ago

If you have SS3 and it doesn't clear from the keypad display (there's a tiny icon at top right of the display that shows alerts, press the "x" to clear it) - then try cleaning the smoke detector (they require cleaning at least every month or so - use a can of compressed air).

Beyond that, call SS for troubleshooting and/or replacement in the event the detector might be defective.
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