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Friday, May 6th, 2022 10:56 AM

Smart Lock Update

​I keep attempting to update my Smart Lock and will leave my phone next to the door, but after 15-20 mins the phone is still spinning trying to connect to the Smart Lock and is unable to download the update. What next steps should I take?​

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11 months ago

Is Bluetooth enabled? Is it connected to any other devices? You may want to reboot the phone, disconnect from any other bluetooth devices and try again. If that fails, maybe also pull the batteries on the lock itself to reboot it and try again?

You could also try another phone/tablet as well.

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@worthing​ thank you! I just needed to disconnect from my watch!

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@millerar1692​ that is fascinating. My guess is that maybe your watch was causing interference or a bottleneck. One wonders if it was just the proximity - since of course you'd have been wearing it while you were working with your phone.

What kind of watch do you have? I can pass this on to our Innovation Lab to test.

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I am having same issue. But when i disconnect all other devices i still cannot update. My update gets about a 1/3  of the way and then says it failed. Any suggestions?

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