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Saturday, June 25th, 2022 12:31 PM

Smart lock batteries die within a week

My smart lock seems to drain it's batteries super quick.  Usually within a week or two after using fresh batteries I have to replace.  What's wrong and how do I fix it?

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2 years ago

@johnewold The batteries should last over a year (mine does) but there are several factors that could effect battery life. First, heavy use. Second, defective unit and 3rd, a weak signal with the unit frequently trying to connect.  I suggest you call SS to troubleshoot.  Note, if the unit turns out to be defective, be prepared to wait for a replacement as they are on backorder to at least the end of July.

Please post your outcome here if you  get a chance.

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2 years ago

@johnewold close to what the Captain said, we estimate that those batteries should be lasting 8-12 months. Just to be clear, you're definitely getting a "Low Battery" warning? Just in case it's another error that we'll want to troubleshoot instead.

But it's possible that your lock is over-working due to miscalibration. I would suggest that you try to Re-Calibrate the Lock by navigating on your Keypad: Menu > Devices > [Your Smart Lock] > Re-Calibrate.

Also, be sure to check the SimpliSafe app for any pending Smart Lock firmware updates. We've been rolling one out that offers performance improvements that can help in your case.

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