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Monday, March 28th, 2022 8:26 PM

Not happy at all.

Not happy at all.  Their door lock is inconsistent and I’m tired of replacement parts. I also didn’t realize that there needs to be internet to work at all.  If I’m gone for months I’m not paying them and internet. The door and windows alert sends error messages.  I shouldn’t have to go through the many steps to delete it and reset the entire system.  For a single older person with disabilities I don’t recommend it. 


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2 years ago

@franferrara53​ thank you for your feedback.

Yes, unfortunately, if you want to have remote control of the system, it does need to be connected to the internet. If you have Monitoring Service active, the app can use the built-in cellular connection.

But if you're not subscribed, the only connection available is through your home's WiFi.

As for those errors - the most common cause for errors is with the wireless signal between them and your Base Station. Unfortunately, resolving connectivity problems requires working with the equipment itself. Just deleting and re-adding the sensors wouldn't really resolve the underlying issue.

Of course, our Support team is more than happy to continue troubleshooting to get your whole system up to working order. And if you like, I can even arrange for a call from a senior agent.

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7 months ago

My system also won’t work.  I’m gone 6 months a year, and bought this system for my home.  I left my internet on (which is working), and have the monitoring service.  However, the power went out temporarily.  It’s back on, but system won’t work unless I’m physically there to reset the base.  I SPECIFICALLY asked about that before I installed the system, and was lied to by their rep.  Was told it wouldn’t matter, as soon as the power came back on everything would come back on line.  LIARS!  And it happened 3 months after I purchased, and they will not refund my $$.

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@dsandovalco​ I'm sorry to hear about this trouble. In the event of a power outage the Base Station should reconnect to your Wi-Fi network when it comes back online, but if it doesn't, troubleshooting would require physically being with the system. But since you have a monitoring plan, your Base Station can still use its cellular connection when it isn't connected to Wi-Fi.

I have also gone ahead and forwarded your case to our Specialist team. A senior specialist will be in touch soon to help, so keep an ear out for their call.

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