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Monday, August 2nd, 2021 9:01 PM

My new color option for the smart lock

I wasn't too happy with the color options on the smart lock so I created my own. Not really sure why the only options are all white, mostly white with a nickel turn knob, and black. Why anyone with a wood door could live with only those options is beyond me.

Anyways, I couldn't get the color to match exactly with the matte nickel on the turn knob but I got pretty close. If you are not standing right next to it, you would never notice. So much better in my opinion if you want to check it out:




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2 years ago

@julian.benz nicely done. Just hope my wife doesn't see this post or I will be attempting to paint our all black lock on our oak door.

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2 years ago

So many spray paint color options so if you are willing to put in the time and effort, the results can be pretty good. I kind of bought the lock knowing that I would be painting it immediately.

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Any special type of spray paint?

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1 year ago

Can I ask what kind of spray paint you purchased? I am looking to paint my smart lock as well to match my black door knob

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