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Friday, June 18th, 2021 6:37 PM

How to clean Smartlock PIN pad

After 2 years of use, the buttons on my pin pad are clearly showing the 4 numbers we use for our pin. I'm just wondering whether anyone has had the same issue and whether anyone has any suggestions for how to clean the pin pad to remove the oils from our fingers from the buttons? Yes, I totally realize I can change my pin, but I'm really not looking to do that at the moment.

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3 years ago

Edit: Apologies, I just realized you are referring to the Smart Lock. My mind is a bit scattered at the moment.

I, too, have been casually searching for a proper solution for just over three years. The question has been an issue for me since upgrading to SS3 in March 2018. While far more aesthetically pleasing than the previous one, the SS3 Keypad picks up a lot of dirt and oil (which is coming from someone who constantly washes her hands). The "Home" button is my worst, and after two months of ownership needed to be cleaned. I very gently could do so with light rubbing and water only but found that the action removed part of the circle (probably invisible to most). Then my housekeeper cleaned it shortly after that, and a portion of the ring and word's dark grey print has been missing since. I will be honest; such things bother me far more than most.

If there is a better way to clean it and not remove the printing of the text and numbers, I have found it rather tricky. I am incredibly delicate when cleaning anything, especially for the first time, and even I failed. I have always intended to ask if others have encountered the same. As of now, I do not particularly appreciate looking at my Keypad because of it. However, I do not wish to make it worse. I considered ordering a new one in black because of it.

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3 years ago

Hey openapplep,

First, I want to reassure you a little bit. Even if an intruder knew which numbers are in you PIN, that still leaves quite a few different combinations. And they only need to try a few times for the PIN Pad to be locked out, and you'll get a Push Notification to let you know. So an intruder brute-forcing their way through your Smart Lock is less of a worry.

I'll definitely be sending your feedback over to our engineers. But in the meantime, you can just regularly clean the PIN Pad using your favorite multi-surface cleaner and a cloth. If the system is already disarmed, there's no way to accidentally trigger an alarm or alert just by mashing keys!

- Johnny M.
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