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Wednesday, February 28th, 2024 9:27 PM

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Environmental Alarms Triggering Outdoor Camera Siren

We have recently confirmed a report from a member of our Community that alarm events triggered by the Water Sensor will trigger the built-in siren on the Outdoor Camera.

The correct behavior is that only intruder alarms (triggered by Entry, Motion, and Glassbreak sensors) should be able to trigger the Outdoor Camera siren. Environmental hazard alarms (triggered by Water and Freeze sensors) should only be able to trigger a warning tone from the Base Station.

We are aiming to correct this behavior in a future firmware release.

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2 months ago

Recently I had a freeze alarm from one of my temperature sensors and the alarm sounds an alert and chime on the base station; however, sounded the siren on my outdoor cameras. . . all of them at 3:00 AM. 

Has anyone else had this experience?

And to SimpliSafe, are there any plans on creating a setting so that environmental alarms (i.g. Freeze, Heat, Water, etc.) do not set off the siren for the outdoor cameras?

Love that the feature is there for perimeter alarms, but I don't think the neighborhood needs to know about my temperature sensor alarm. :)

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Hi @matthew_g ,

The Wireless Outdoor Camera's built-in siren should be triggering only for burglar alarms, and shouldn't be going off for environmental hazard alarms. I've requested an investigation from our internal team, and we might reach out to you soon!

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