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Saturday, March 21st, 2020 10:24 PM

Simplisafe didn"t credit me for the Promo Code...AGAIN!

When I bought my original system, the promo code I used was accepted on the checkout page but when I checked my credit card, they charged me the whole amount.  It took several calls with customer service to get it straightened out.  So today, I ordered a few more sensors and cameras, and again used a promo code.  Again, the checkout page accepted it and showed the discount had applied.  Then I checked my card...and AGAIN Simplisafe charged me the full amount and did not credit the promo code.  If you can fix this, that would be great.

1xVideo Doorbell Pro$169.00($169.00 ea.)
in stock
1xSimpliCam Security Camera$99.00($99.00 ea.)
in stock
1xSimpliCam Outdoor Kit (Black)$19.99($19.99 ea.)
in stock
1xWindow Decals - 5 Pack$4.99($4.99 ea.)
in stock
2xPanic Button$39.98($19.99 ea.)
in stock
Subtotal: $332.96
SAVE 30%: $-92.39
Total: $240.57

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4 years ago

The odds that you will have to call to get this fixed approaches 100%.  The forum is not a reliable way of communicating with SS.

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4 years ago

This happened to me.  I called them and they credited it.  It's happened twice, so far.  Press 1 for sales because this is a sales related thing.

4 years ago

Just because the site acccepts the coupon, doesn't mean the code still works. lots of expired tags. May not be the best response, but with all the sites that "sell" you the coupon should stop selling them.

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4 years ago

I can see how it could be confusing, though.  Most websites that sell stuff invalidate coupon codes that expire.  SS accepts them, adjusts the price so that you think that it took it, and then charges the full amount.

It's strange.

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4 years ago

I had a similar issue ordering cameras.  Entered a bogo2cam or something like that.  The website reflected the code worked, discounted the price of a camera.  Placed the order, my CC was charged full price for both cameras.

I called Customer Service but they informed me my order was "flagged for fraud and could not be modified until loss prevention cleared it within 24 hours." I called back the next day, 25 hours later, still not cleared.  At that point I received an email asking to rate my service on the customer support call and when I said the issue wasn't resolved, if I wanted a manager call back.

I got a call later that night...and it still wasn't cleared but he promised to take care of it once it was cleared.  It wasn't cleared until 48 hours after the original order.  At that point they credited me the cost difference.

No idea why it was flagged for fraud, I paid with the CC they have on file...the one used to pay my monthly service, I was logged into my account when placing the order and it was shipped to my address, the one they also have on file for my account.

It gets better...

The new cameras arrive....DOA.  I got a yellow flashing light...no white light.  After an hour on the phone with technical support (who I would not say is technical when she cheerfully told me "it was some sort of IT issue...")  She proceeded to tell me they were having issues with cameras on their end and to just try again tomorrow.  I said "nope...the camera isn't connected, it doesn't matter what you do on your end, it's can't communicate with you or the base station."  She hemmed and hawed but after talking to someone else decided to send me two new ones again.  After all that they finally said they would credit me two months service for all the hassle.

What a hassle.  I don't plan on purchasing any more cameras from them.
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