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Wednesday, November 8th, 2023 10:25 AM

Component trade-in / upgrade options

We are currently have the Gen3 SimpliSafe system with lots of components.  SimpliSafe has recently released new iterations of some of the components (e.g. Wireless Indoor Camera, Motion Sensors, Smoke/CO Detector).  We have the original version of these devices and interested in doing an upgrade to the latest version.  For example, we have 4 Wired Indoor Cameras and would like to upgrade those to the new Wireless Indoor Cameras. 

Does SimpliSafe offer any type of trade-in program option that would allow us to return some of our existing components and purchase the new/latest iteration for a (significant) discount?         



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6 months ago

@swcarter At this time, short answer is no, but you sure picked a good time to buy new components with their 40% off Black Friday sale. Not too shabby. Also, in my personal opinion, while the new combo smoke/co sensor and indoor SA cameras are worth the upgrade, unless you are having issues with your current motion sensors, there is no need to rush out and upgrade. I have both and, in some key, important ways, the original motion sensors are still better. How? The motion sensitivity switch for low, med and high is imperative to a successful placement under certain conditions. My kitchen motion is an original and will stay that way. The new motions (two out of my nine) likewise are located replacing two originals that needed to be replaced and not affected where they are located.

Finally, my old Simplicams are all in new, good home, at my daughter's, brother in law's and a neigbhor's house.

Good luck with your upgrade efforts.

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6 months ago

Hi @swcarter, 

We don't have a trade-in program for new devices, but if you are subscribed to our Fast Protect™ monitoring plan you get a 10% discount on all additional purchases, and we currently have 40% off cameras and sensors with our early Black Friday deal. 

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