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Friday, June 2nd, 2023 6:02 PM

Cannot complete Checkout

I am a SimpliSafe customer. I've tried on several occasions now to add more devices to my system. Most recently I needed to get some replacement batteries for my outdoor cameras so I can swap them without interruption.

I can't get any purchase to complete. I get met with 'No reason to decline' as the error. I've tried

  • Multiple browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
  • Multiple devices (Phone, Desktop, Tablet)
  • Incognito modes
  • Clearing cache and cookies (sometimes aggressively to verify)
  • Tried with multiple cards/issuers/sources (and digital wallets). All return the same error. A quick response from Zuora (Merchant Service Provider).

I didn't expect much change, since their app is not native and is a wrapper around their standard store - so I wasn't surprised that I received the same errors.

I called customer support today. Was on with them for roughly 40 minutes and no resolution. I was told to call my issuing bank. I did this, simply to rule it out, but the bank is the same one that pays my monthly subscription (So clearly they can charge the card). The bank told me there was no hold, no issues in any data (billing address), and there were no failures on their end. They could see the attempts, but told me to contact the merchant (SimpliSafe) as the error would be in their system.

I tried to order via the phone since I am unable to get the website to complete a purchase. As soon as the agent started taking my order he told me he couldn't take orders for batteries over the phone, the only place I could do so was the website. Back to square one.

I waited on hold for 12 minutes, only to be asked "Did you clear your cache?"

Here I am with a system (plenty of sensors and devices for my home) and subscription and am unable to transact business to extend or upgrade my system.

My only recourse now is to wholly swap out my system. If I can't get the necessary hardware to make the system work, then I have no other option. As nice as SimpliSafe has been, this is a blocker for continuing business with them.

Sharing as caution to others who may experience similar issues. Hopefully I can reduce the time of the "support dance" required.

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1 year ago

I have now opened a ticket with their merchant services provider (Zuora) and providing them all of the payload from my error response to their service. This is my last attempt. If I can't get support from them, then I will have no choice but to cancel my service and take other actions.

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1 year ago

Hi @nate_klaiber, 

I'm very sorry to hear that you are experiencing this. You should absolutely be able to purchase devices off of our website, and please know that I will do everything I can to get this straightened out. I've forwarded your case to our escalated Support team - one of our senior specialists will call you soon to make this right.

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@emily_s​ - thank you, Emily. I did reach out to support today and had a 40 min long conversation. The last part of that was being on hold in 2 minute intervals while trying to reach the "escalated support team" and getting a senior team member involved (from the support agent). The end result, as mentioned above, was "did you clear your cache?" The rest of the conversation was SimpliSafe telling me the problem was on my end or my issuing bank. I've tried all options and I called my issuing banks to verify no issue there. They told me to talk to the Merchant (SimpliSafe).

I'm not sure I can see the light at the end of the tunnel here, and super confused as to why I can't use another channel (phone) to place my order. 

Appreciate any assistance you can provide, but want to ensure we don't keep talking in circles or hitting the same topics. I'd like to see some progression.

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1 year ago

Of you need batteries I have found batteries for all my sensors at Walmart or Lowes. Also I always call to speak with someone when I'm getting more sensors or cameras or anything that way it is documented on both ends. So far I never had any problems doing that way and hope you get it resolved. 

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@lance843​ - I appreciate the feedback. This would be the batteries for the outdoor cameras. Have you been able to find those (very specific shape)? All other batteries I've been able to get elsewhere for all other sensors.

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1 year ago

I'm now being asked by SimpliSafe support to enter my account information (email, safe word) into a third party system (https://www.sprinklr.com/). I do not feel comfortable putting this information into or through anything that is non-SimpliSafe. So it appears I am stuck again and unable to get support.

To recap: I am unable to purchase extra batteries for my outdoor cameras. This would mean the only way I can use them is by taking them offline for the 8+ hours to charge the batteries, thereby defeating the purpose of the system in the first place. That's 8+ hours of downtime from my cameras.

Still no resolution or useful support form SimpliSafe. They continue to ask the same questions - even though I've provided all information to them (error messages, console errors messages in browser, screen shots, etc). I keep being put in the same circles, with each attempt starting all over again (which has me wondering about their level of support systems, tickets, and processes).

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@nate_klaiber​ Sprinklr is the platform we use for both our Live Chat and this Community forum. We work with them closely to make sure that your account info is secure.

But honestly, your best bet is to work with our Specialist team, as they have escalated abilities and they are better equipped to investigate this issue in-depth. Our records show that the specialist assigned to your case sent an email over the weekend to schedule a call. Hopefully we can get this (and that account issue) resolved for you ASAP!

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@davey_d​ - Thank you for your response. I did receive an email and have responded letting them know I won't put sensitive account information into any third-party system. A non-starter for me. I know nothing about Sprinklr and how they handle my data (in transit, at rest, or with other third-party system(s) they might use). 

I worked with a specialist last week. I was on with a support agent for 25+ minutes before I then waited at 2 minute intervals until a specialist arrived. The end result was: "have you cleared your cache and cookies?" (of which I already informed the support agent I had done from the very beginning).

I don't feel like I'm being listened to. I keep being put in cycles. I've provided all information I have/can - there's no new information I can provide you. It concerns me:

  • You don't have proactive notifications of errors/exceptions in your systems. I see errors directly with Zuora (payment provider) and tried reaching out to them as well. I was informing your agent of the errors from the payment gateway.
  • You don't have all of this information in a support ticket/thread to prevent having the same conversations over and over. Super frustrating from my end.
  • I've played by your rules. Even though I didn't believe the errors were with the issuing bank(s), I called them anyway to verify all was good.

While this time passes, I still have hardware that is unusable and considered critical to a home safety system. Do you think it's acceptable that I have to go day(s) without my outdoor cameras while I wait for the battery to charge? Remember: I would happily pay for plugs or batteries but am unable to do so.

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1 year ago

I have no other option but to wholly replace my system and choose another service provider. SimpliSafe support has been non-existent. I keep getting bounced to new agents who start the whole thread over again. They have no history of the conversations to pick up where things left off. They repeat the same scripted lines and questions. They aren't actively listening or understanding the issues I'm experiencing. Even with the data I've presented them with (screenshots, logs, etc) they are unable to fix my issue.

They don't appear to know their own internal processes, as a sales agent informed me I was able to try and sell my equipment via these forums, only to have @davey_d inform me I am not able to do so (Thank you, for that clarification).

I will be sharing extended versions of my experience via review platforms and articles where I can highlight the support threads and attempts. Hopefully it will save others from experiencing the same frustrations I've had. I fully understand not everyone has this experience, but once you do it renders your system and service useless. 

I also have a large list of hardware I will be selling, and I will list that elsewhere so I comply with the rules of their forum.

I expected much more from SimpliSafe - as a business and as a security vendor. This experience has shown me the fragility within their own software systems and operations/processes. There is a lack of maturity as a company, and competency with their human resources.

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