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Monday, June 6th, 2022 11:59 PM


Video Doorbell Battery Suggestion

The video doorbell should be wireless. It seems ridiculous that on a system designed to be wireless that you would make the video doorbell wired in order to work. The ring doorbell has an option to work without the doorbell. Wish this was a future feature for SimpliSafe.

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Wireless Doorbell

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1 year ago

@wkuchickadee I do agree with you. Battery power would offer way more flexibility in installation options. But of course, there would also be performance concerns, so it would be vital to balance that.

Rest assured, if and when we do come out with what you're looking for, you'll hear it from us on this Community.

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@davey_d​ PLease let me know as well. I have been waiting a long time

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1 year ago

This is an excellent post. Please upvote this so SimpliSafe recognizes and acts on this need. 

WIRELESS video door bell is needed.

SimpliSafe should figure out their  performance standards and balance the sustainable battery life in order to  give customers a quality product so please figure  this out and engineer a competitive product and supply a much needed   WIRELESS door bell. 

Not everyone has an existing wiring to connect the door bell to — 

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