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Sunday, February 12th, 2023 2:04 PM


Setting for Outdoor Camera Monitoring Time

This is an enhancement request.  The SimpliSafe system would be a 5 star in my opinion if it could allow users to set monitoring times for outdoor camera.  That is, the pool area has a LOT of activity during the day.  I only want that area monitored at night.  If there was a setting to tell the app to monitor this camera, say, only 8pm - 7am, or from disk until dawn, SimpliSafe would have a superb product.

It needs to be camera-specific.  All other cameras should have the option as well.  Like, monitor the front door and side doors 24x7, but allow me to set the monitor time for the back yard and pool area.

Currently, I am charging the pool area camera almost weekly; the front door only needs a charge monthly.

Thanks in advance.  I certainly hope for a response.

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1 year ago

@Frank74v this has been requested often in the past but only you and I can guess if SS is actively working on it. Who knows, maybe you will get a response other than "we've passed it on to your development team" :-)

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1 year ago

Thanks @captain11.  I searched the community for similar (a couple of times) with no directly hits, so I posted it up as I want to see it.  A direct suggestion.

I became a subscriber 2 months ago.  SS called after a couple of weeks to do a satisfaction check.  I told this to them and they said the same as you, "we'll pass this on..." *yawn*  Without viable feedback, I don't think they actually listen to their customers.  Shame.  Great product.  I just wish I could give it 5-star.

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1 year ago

Sad part is you just have to do what most people like me do and manually turn off that camera at different times but good suggestion

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1 year ago

Yes, @lance843, that is what I’ve been doing.  But I have been having memory issues and occasionally forget to turn it back on before I go to bed.  Then I lose the security I felt I had.  Thinking of canceling the monitoring service.

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