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Monday, September 26th, 2022 5:32 PM


Sensor for Power outage in outlet


​I would love if SimpliSafe offered a "outlet power outage" sensor. ​
​This sensor would have a 2-prong plug to check for power. When power is lost in the outlet, an alarm is raised.​

​Example : with GFCI outlets being mandatory in some states, a freezer may easily trip and lose power while the rest of the house is fine.​
​I'd love to be notified so I can take action before it is too late.​
​There are some devices on Amazon, but it's usually a very loud siren. I would prefer to be notified the same way as for my water sensor.​

​Thank you !​

​ ​

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6 months ago

Hi @kpt !

The Base Station of course already has a built-in Power Outage sensor - though it triggers a Push Notification, rather than a full alarm. So you could have your Base Station plugged into the same outlet/power strip as different appliances, and you'll get a double duty power outage sensor.

But I don't think that would work for major appliances, especially ones that use a different power adapter. A separate device for that function is a great idea!

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