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Sunday, August 7th, 2022 1:56 AM


Please implement ability to schedule arm/disarm

Had I known there was no was no ability to schedule the alarm to arm/disarm, I would not have purchased it. Honestly, this should be a basic, bare minimum feature 

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1 year ago

@tristaoliva This request has come up before and SS has always put it on the back burner. For me, there are many other priorities I would like to see done first....like passing a flag for an alarm state so my 9 IoT lights on the inside and outside of my house would light it up like a Christmas tree. I know it 's not the same thing, but SS has added to the phone app the ability to set up a reminder to arm the system.

Respectfully, a question: why is this a feature you would really want? How would you use it? Thanks!

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