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Wednesday, April 26th, 2023 3:28 PM


Per-Mode Instant Trigger

Instead of enabling Instant Trigger at the device or system level. Allow Instant Trigger to be enabled at the Home/Away/Off Level. I would love to set Instant Trigger in Home mode when asleep so that I can protect myself and family, and leave Instant Trigger off in Away mode. I do not want to edit this setting EVERY SINGLE TIME I leave the house or disarm before I walk in the door EVERY SINGLE TIME I set the system to Away. This is basic functionality that should have been implemented years ago. SimpliSafe is in jeopardy of losing my business if this feature is not developed soon.

Also, I cannot submit this idea under the Ideas category because Topic is a required field and there are no child topics to select for the Testimonials and Ideas category. This is basic CRM community functionality.

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XXK Per-Mode Setting for Instant Trigger

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