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Thursday, October 6th, 2022 8:08 PM


Passcode or PIN to Cancel Alarms via Text

So I just got the message for the new alarm system program that SimpliSafe is starting and while I love being able to text a simple ‘H’ for help, I take issue with the ‘C’ to cancel.

Allow me to explain, in Simplisafes own words “Since the messages go directly to the phone numbers provided for your primary contacts, a Safeword is not required to cancel alarms via text.”

its almost like SimpliSafe doesn’t expect a home invader to collect cellphones to prevent contacting the authorities. A only slightly savvy invader would be able to simply reply a C to cancel the alarm and be free to continue their crime? Seems like a bad implementation. 

Now granted the customer would have to meet the criteria of

A. Not having an internal camera

B. Living alone (no other family to be alerted to the event)

C. Ability to bypass phones Lock Screen (there’s actually several ways to do this that don’t require you to be a hacker) 

I would encourage everyone to disable the SMS option until SimpliSafe requires that you text back ‘C safewordhere’ so that one could, if under duress, enter ‘C duresswordhere’ to make things more clear to SimpliSafe and responding authorities. 

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2 years ago

This is another topic I wanted to tackle.

I know some will disagree, but everything you wrote came to mind when I read the email. Although I secure my phone by fingerprint, it is not difficult, under duress, to relatively easily bypass the new measure. Barring entering the duress PIN, no one would know until after the crime that one had canceled the alarm via text against their will.

If there is an opt-out (forgive me, I am not doing well at the moment, so I may have missed it in the message), I want to opt out.

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@shiherlis​ the good news is there is, in fact, an opt-out. 

You can opt out of Alarm Texts at any time via the SimpliSafe mobile app: Main Menu > Alerts & Notifications > SMS Alerts > Recipient > Alarm Triggered > toggle On/Off

I hope SimpliSafe will consider adding a passcode and duresscode requirement going forward. I love the idea but dislike it’s current execution.

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Thank you!

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2 years ago

The fact that SimpliSafe does not require the safe word for text is asinine. 

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