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Thursday, March 17th, 2022 10:32 PM


Option To Only Show Location Name In Notifications/Alerts

Hello, I had a suggestion to see if we could enable, or have, an option to only show the location name in texts/SMS, e-mail alerts, or other notifications. There are many reasons for security and privacy of why this would be beneficial to at least have this option.

If someone were to see your notifications or alerts over your shoulder, for example, then they would know your address, whether you're there, etc.. This would be true to for any ladies (or anyone for that matter) if someone finds or sees these alerts, whether it is in an e-mail, stolen/lost phone, shoulder surfing over your shoulder, etc.. This is also true for anyone that has access to your e-mail, or a compromised e-mail (since now they have additional information about the person and can use that in correlation to the e-mail address itself and any other information they may know or find; whether for identity theft, or any other criminal or privacy matter).

In addition, if someone were to see you at the same place everyday, or know you go somewhere, then they now have your address and possibly know when you may not be home or at that address. Someone could also use this information to go to your address prior to you arriving. This could be used for many malicious, dangerous, privacy, or security concerns. Many people don’t realize what you can use or find, especially when used in addition to other information (even if you’re a stranger; or only if using other publicly available information).

For some accounts there is only one address anyway, so the address wouldn’t specifically be needed and only causes other concerns. For other accounts with multiple addresses, the location name could be set to not reveal any private information. I know I had mentioned this several years ago and I was told this was going to be passed on, but I know I am only one person. Thank you for your consideration!

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2 years ago

Also, it is known that e-mail, nor SMS/text alerts, is a secure/private means of communicating (where intermediaries can and will potentially see communications traveling over those methods of communication).

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2 years ago

I'd also like to see this, it drives me crazy every time I see my address on the alerts.  And SS, if you're reading or even considering this suggestion, please also do not change it to "at your home location", just simply say "at your location".  Multiple system users could name their locations "#1" #2, etc...

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@coltmaster1​ Those were my thoughts too, since you can already name your location, which is what someone could do (whether they want it to be an inconspicuous name, or even their address or something else, if they really wanted to; such as street name). They could just use the location name of the location profile for this functionality.

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2 years ago

@davey_d Any thoughts or response on this? Is this something you may think would be possible? Do you know if this has ever been passed along, and what their response was?

I know I've heard this come up various times before in various places over the years. This could have a big impact on users, including the users that do mind the effects of this. I know Simplisafe is a security (and "privacy" company in some regards), so I would think they would want to limit or resolve this concern, especially since texting/SMS is not a secure or private means of communication to begin with (just like e-mail isn't).

I know some users would like to have this ability just for the privacy and security from private information being past over these insecure communication methods. All it takes is one instance or person out of the many (although the inability to change this, or at least have the option to change this, as mentioned here, could incur various issues).

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3 months ago

If you could have an option to create a name for the location instead of sending the exact address in every text that would be helpful.  If someone accessed my phone without permission they would have my address and that’s not what I want.  Thank you for your consideration 

Note: This comment was created from a merged conversation originally titled No address in text

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Hi @missyparris423​, 

Your suggestion sounded similar to what was requested in this thread, so I've merged your post into this thread. We have submitted this idea to our devs for their consideration, but we'll bubble this back up to them!

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