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Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023 10:45 PM


Base Station Extender

Our home is setup like a long rectangle and not a square like most homes. As a result our garage sensors and keypad tend to throw false errors or become completely disconnected occasionally. We do have wifi in our garage via a mesh system as we park our BMW and Tesla in there to charge and both cars use the internet to receive OTA updates. We also have a couple of nest cameras on that end of the house that rely on the wifi to record. Some type of device that I can plug into an outlet in the garage to extend the base station’s signal would be extremely beneficial for us, and a lot of other people who’s homes aren’t setup with a room in the direct center of the property to place the base station in. Other than that, solid system and a huge upgrade from the horrible service from ADT. 

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9 months ago

@BeachAndBoats1941 Thank you for this suggestion! This feature has been submitted to our dev team already, and once we get any news from them we will update the Community in this thread

The Base Station has a range of about 800ft in open air. In a home, physical and wireless interference can impact its signal. If your house has thick concrete or stone walls, or a heavy door leading to the garage, it can be a limiting factor depending on where the Base Station currently is. 

Even if you don't have a room that is directly in the middle of your home, I would try moving the Base Station a little closer to your garage to see if that helps your sensors connectivity. 

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