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Monday, October 10th, 2022 10:24 PM

Bad Options for Notifications from Video Doorbell

I have two problems with my recently installed video doorbell.

1) The SimpliSafe system makes no distinction between Devices when it comes to setting Alert Notifications.  The system will send an alert for a) an alarm, b) an activity, c) an error.  This renders the Doorbell Ring Function almost useless if one is away from home. Why? Because if one selects an Activity for an alert, then alerts will be sent for everything from arming/disarming the system, to motion detection, door opening, etc. ALONG with the Doorbell Ring alert.  Therefore the Doorbell Ring alert gets lost in the noise of all the other alerts, which renders it useless for quasi real-time use of the talk feature when someone is at the door when one is not at home.  The system is ALL or NOTHING.  If SimpliSafe had thought this through, it would have assigned the pushing of the doorbell a separate and unique setting, so that one would get alerts for the doorbell with separate logic from other sensor activities.

2) The talk delay renders two-way conversation problematic.

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