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Sunday, February 13th, 2022 4:42 PM

Naming devices wont take on app. or windows site. Older org. Keypad. Video ?

My 2000 (Older) version system wont save device names. tried on app. and on windows web site. Enter name and save , Base station will say "your settings have been sync. But when I open or change page or close app and open name is gone just the old #   any advice? Older keypad doesn't have this function. Thanks 

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2 years ago

Do you mean you have version 1 or version 2?  I've never had version 1, so have no idea about that one, but the following is in the help center for naming sensors in version 2:

How do I add new sensors to my Original SimpliSafe system? – SimpliSafe

If the instructions in the link do not work, try rebooting your base station.

If that fails, call SS for trouble-shooting.

Just to rule out, did you happen to change your monitoring plan recently? (if you downgraded, for example, some features may not be available).

If you are in fact, on one of the older versions, you might want to consider upgrading to the lastest (version 3), as it has a ton more features, it's sleeker in design, has both wifi and cellular capability, and ability for over-the-air updates (via wifi, wifi is necessary for OTA updates).  If you call SS, ask them for the best discount they can offer you (lately, it's been 50% off on a new SS3 system).

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2 years ago

Hi folks,

It's probably worth noting that Gen 1 wasn't able to connect to the app at all. And with Gen 2, sensor names would appear only on the Timeline and Smart Alerts, and on the app/webapp. But not the Keypad.

So it sounds like ronandiegeorge has a Gen 2 system, and is trying to name sensors on both the app and webapp. And it appears to work at first, but upon refreshing, the names are not saved.

I'm already working with our engineers to find out more, and hopefully we can get an answer soon.

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@davey_d​  How do I tell the difference between Generation1 and Generation 2 base ?

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They do look almost identical. But if you look on the bottom of the Base Station, you should see a "2" in a circle. You'll also see the model number "BS2000".

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7 months ago

I have the same exact problem.  I live in a gated community and de-activated my service choosing to manage my system through push notifications only (free service).  Unfortunately, when you do that, you are unable to assign names to your devices or change the names of any previously assigned devices.  They're basically locked for life; so, if you move a motion sensor (for example) that was previously named "back patio" to another room in your old home, it's still going to have the name "back patio" for push notifications and you can't change that.  And when you go to the Simplisafe App, you will only see the serial number of the device under your device listings, and will be unable to change the name there.  It's Simplisafe's way of saying "buy our plan or else".  Considering switching over to Ring (have Ring cameras anyway) where they don't play these kinds of games with customers who buy their systems.  

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3 months ago

It is hard to believe Simplisafe would do this intentionally.  When I spoke with customer service last year, they said they were going to fix it.

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