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Tuesday, June 20th, 2023 3:36 PM

Can't find an Error'd Sensor

I keep getting alerts that one sensor is not working.  I cannot find this number, 1RPWW.  I only have 6 sensors.  Mary Ganci   

Motion malfunction
Alarm - Away only
.  I only have 6 sensors.  
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1 year ago

Hi @marycg9 ,

Thanks for reaching out about this. It's very possible that you (or whoever set up your system initially) would have given a nickname to the sensor, which might give you a clue about where it's located. Since you mention sensor serials, you likely have an Original SimpliSafe, which unfortunately can't show sensor names on the Keypad. But you'll be able to see then on either the SimpliSafe app (under ☰ Menu > My System > Device Settings), or your account online (under ☰ Menu > Devices).

Of course, we're looking for a Motion Sensor here, so it might be hanging up on the corner of one of your rooms. That is, unless it's fallen down - which might explain why it's offline!

If you really can't find that sensor, it might be best to remove it from your system. That way, you'll no longer get these warnings, and we can reduce the risk of false alarms. You can find instructions for that here.

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