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Saturday, January 16th, 2021 4:17 PM

UK: two minute delay

I've been told by support that the UK monitoring centre will wait two minutes after an alarm is triggered before checking/calling.

Is this true?

Why the delay?

There is already a 30s entry allowance, then Mr Burglar gets 2 minutes free on top of the checking, phone calls and police arrival time.

I was told that this is optional so a 'note has been added to my file' so that I don't get the 2 minute delay. I'm unconvinced that Mr Securitas normally spends that 2 minutes reading through the free text notes on each customer's file to see if they have such a note?

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3 years ago

In the US I had over a 5 minute wait before the alarm company called me.  They said they were busy so reporting was delayed. This doesn't instill confidence if it was a real emergency with home invaders or a fire. This five and half minute wait before even being called to see if there is a problem is not acceptable. In the past they were under 30 seconds.  Imagine what could of happened if it was your mother that hit the panic switch 330 seconds earlier because someone was in the house.
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