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Saturday, August 7th, 2021 1:48 AM

Trapped in Our House!


The connection to the base station was inexplicably dropped. So I followed the troubleshooting instructions (for Gen 3), unscrewed the battery cover, removed a battery for 10', put the battery back in, screwed on the case, and plugged it in. Then turned on Home. So far, so good. But the next stop in the instructions says to turn off the alarm. I try, and enter my PIN a zillion times, but the "Enter PIN" message keeps coming up.

I've been on hold with your "Help" line forever and just get elevator music :( :( :(

How do we turn off the alarm so that we may leave our house???

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3 years ago

Apologies, the actual error was "No link to Dispatcher Warning'

FYI, after 30+ minutes on hold and another 15' on hold with the "Customer Service" agent, I was told that the issue is that the base station needed a new "module" and that they would send one out. WIll post back with what transpires.

FYI #2: if you are in this situation, what I eventually did was unplug the base station and remove the batteries. No alarm, but at least we can leave our house!

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3 years ago

Hi CharPatton,

So sorry to hear about this. Yes, had I been on the phone with you on that call, I would have suggested the Base Station Reset - and the same for the Keypad as well (just taking out one of the batteries, then reinserting).

Though before that, I would have suggested that you simply check the Base Station light - if you don't see one, the system is disarmed.

But the symptoms that you describe actually sound like there's an issue with the Keypad connecting with your Base Station. That connection uses a local radio signal, which means that replacing the cell module (which of course controls on the cell signal) is unlikely to resolve the issue. Though of course it's still worth going through with the replacement, because we do want to improve your cell signal as well!

The culprit that prevented the local radio between your Base Station and Keypad is probably interference. This can be caused by dense physical objects that are literally in the way of the signal - like brick walls, fridges, metal siding, anything like that. So you'll want to think about moving the Base Station or the Keypad so there's less of that in the way.
And interference can also be caused by other wireless signals competing for the same airspace. Think of simpler devices, like garage door openers, older models of baby monitors, or wireless weather stations, and the like. For the most part, you just want to keep both the Base Station and Keypad away from these.

Hopefully that helps! If you ever experience the same communication problems again, please let us know and we'll take care of you.

- Johnny M.
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