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Wednesday, June 10th, 2020 2:44 AM

System Was Off-Yet Called Monitoring Company

I was sitting this afternoon watching a movie when siren started blaring and the system called the monitoring company. My alarm system was off. The keypad showed that the panic button on the keypad had been pushed. I turned off alarm and dealt with the monitoring co phone call and it did it again. Then each time I would turn it off it would go off again. Finally with help from customer service we got it reset and I installed new batteries In the keypad as instructed.

Anyone have any idea what could have caused this? Surely this is not the way you are alerted if batteries are going dead. I put the batteries that I removed in a camera and the camera is telling me the batteries are good. Now I don't know if I should grab the shotgun or run unplug the base station if it goes off during the night.



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4 years ago

Grab the shotgun first in case it is real.  Unplugging the base will not stop the siren due to the rechargeable batteries built in.  I might try burying it under a pillow if I could not get a keypad or keyfob to turn it off.  

I think you can turn off the panic button in the keypads, at least in SS3
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