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Wednesday, January 11th, 2023 3:04 PM

Identification verification

Will the police ask and check for Identification when dispatched to our home? I would like the police to check my identity and maybe ask for a piece of mail or something to verify its the owner or person who lives here when being dispatched to my home. I am a new user and had a false alarm and the police showed up because I wrote my 2 numbers of my password down backwards, they came but didn't check my identity. I had groceries so maybe they thought I lived here instead of checking. But I would like to feel secure with a security system and for them to actually verify the ID of the person in the home if dispatch comes out. Criminals make fake id's and not all locksmiths can be trusted. People make keys also and monitor their victims' so they know when and how to break in. Criminals don't just steal items, nowadays they steal personal information to steal and abuse your identity too. Hack peoples' phones and cameras. This is real come on people. 

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1 year ago

Hi @bapshae1,

Captain has it right; we cannot manage a police department’s policies. When an alarm gets triggered, we can call for dispatch from your local police, but their policies and bylaws may differ between municipalities.



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1 year ago

@bapshae1 If I read and understood your post correctly, your issue(s) are not with Simplisafe but with your local police authorities. Simplisafe and the dispatch service (COPS and soon to be SS themselves..???-hint hint SS) they or any other security company don't manage or direct the local police dept's policies and practices.  In our town, over the past 10 years we have experienced several false alarms.  The responding police have always asked us for our names and id but speaking with other homeowners that is not always been the case.

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1 year ago

As noted elsewhere what you're asking for is something SimpliSafe has zero control over. You should contact your local PD and ask what their policies are.

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