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Friday, March 15th, 2024 6:31 PM

Cancelling an account: Jersey Style

After a significant (defined as very large) increase in the annual fee for one of my credit cards, I called the financial institution, authenticated on their recorded line, and then asked to cancel my account. 'Sure' the agent said but had to speak to their "Loyalty Specialist". Transferred, greeted warmly, authenticated again, and asked 1. On a recorded line? and 2. Authenticated? She replied yes, said cancel my account, offered me an "alternative product", and said, no thank you and hung up. Total call time less than two minutes. My opinion of the company the card is branded for -  not much. My opinion on the financial institution: less.

Summary: For their efforts, both the brand company and the financial institution have lost my goodwill.

A cautionary tale for Simplisafe. I am still an avid supporter and happy customer, but please don't make it hard for customers to say goodbye. Live long and prosper...

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